Yesterday, Disney/Pixar dropped the first Toy Story 4 teaser trailer, which introduced new character Forky to Bonnie's bedroom. No less than a day has passed, and now we get the second teaser trailer, which introduces two more unique new toys to the mix. And these guys are pretty funny.

Woody's journey in Toy Story 4 includes a visit to a carnival where he meets Ducky and Bunny, two carnival prizes who are eager to be won. But when their plans are rudely interrupted by Woody and his friends, they find themselves on an unexpected adventure with a group of toys who have no idea what it feels like to be tacked to a prize wall.

Infamous www.mmdst.comedy duo Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele will voice new characters Ducky and Bunny in Toy Story 4. The pair got their start together on Mad TV, before creating their own hit sketch show with www.mmdst.comedy Central's Key & Peele. Both have gone onto have wildy successful movie careers. Keegan-Michael Key has appeared in just about every other movie that has www.mmdst.come out in the last decade, from having starring roles to just popping up in an unexpected cameo. Jordan Peele has also been featured in quite a few feature films since Key and Peele came to a close. He's been more interested in directing, dropping his horror www.mmdst.comedy Get Out to much acclaim and a few Oscar nominations, even winning for Best Original Screenplay. He's also behind the upwww.mmdst.coming Twilight Zone reboot. Said director Josh Cooley about getting Key & Peele to be a part of Toy Story 4.

"Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, who voice Ducky and Bunny, are two of the most brilliant minds I've ever seen. Of course, they are effortlessly funny, which would be enough. But they are incredible actors that understand story. Their improvs weren't just for www.mmdst.comedy sake, they were story motivated which elevated Ducky and Bunny and the film to a level I never could have expected."

The voices of Key and Peele are on full display in this second teaser trailer for Toy Story 4. This is more of a full scene than a www.mmdst.compilation of quick clips from the upwww.mmdst.coming hugely anticipated sequel. Woody and Buzz happened upon Ducky and Bunny as they discuss Buzz's iconic catch phrase, 'To Infinity and Beyond'.

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These are the second and third new characters to be introduced this week. As introduced in the first Toy Story 4 teaser trailer, Tony Hale will be playing Forky, a spork fashioned into a makeshift toy who doesn't feel like he belongs amongst the other toys, and is more interested in fulfilling his destiny as a utensil.

Toy Story 4 has had some significant delays on its way to production. Now, it's almost ready for release. Disney/Pixar will be debuting Toy Story 4 as part of Disney's big summer lineup in 2019. Along with this first look at Ducky and Bunny as they www.mmdst.come to life, Walt Disney Pictures has also released a character poster for the colorful duo.

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B. Alan Orange